Tenova LOI Thermprocess celebrates its 50th anniversary


Tenova LOI Thermprocess celebrates its 50th anniversary

50 years of LOI –a journey through the history of the development of industrial furnace engineering. 

Today's LOI was founded on 01.01.1970 in Essen from the well-known predecessor companies Matthias Ludwig (1934), Ofag (1920), and Indugas (1928). Through innovation and constant technical development, LOI has earned its reputation as one of the world's leading industrial furnace companies. Today it presents a broad portfolio of technologies for the steel, aluminium and automotive industries relying on over 100 years of experience. 

Under the slogan "50 years of LOI | Family & Friends", LOI finally commemorated its 50th anniversary on August 26, 2023 at its new location in Duisburg’s Inner Harbour. Due to the pandemic, this special event had to be postponed beforehand. In the most beautiful weather LOI celebrated with all employees, their families and friends through a colourful range of activities and treats for everyone. One highlight of the day was the immersive experience offered in LOI's digital room, where guests could experience VR in various ways. The anniversary was combined with the inauguration of the “New Home of Innovation” in Duisburg after the relocation in 2021.

On the successful future of the company and the broadness of its portfolio:

Christian Schrade
Christian Schrade
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Tenova LOI Thermprocess

LOI has successfully met many challenges in the past 50 years of its history and looks positively into the future with a great team that works with passion and commitment for our products. LOI actively drives the transformation of the metals industry towards decarbonization and sustainability. No matter what is produced today in metal making -heat treatment or thermoprocessing,, as final process step in metal production, puts the finishing touches on the material to be processed – this is what LOI stands for today and in the future.

Matthias Gogollok
Matthias Gogollok
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Tenova LOI Thermprocess

We see the extraordinary commitment to the company, the motivation and long-standing support of all employees and their abilities and the will to continue to develop and meet new challenges as the basis of our continuous corporate success and the foundation for many more successful years to come.

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